Pipe Pack 2019 - Trial

Pipe Pack 2019 - Trial

Qosteq IT Private Limited



This tool will bring speed, accuracy and quality together while modelling and coordinating pipes. We have added lots of cool features like Multi Trim and Multi connect for pipes in both vertical and horizontal direction.


Following features are incorporated in this tool.

  • Set Edge to Edge spacing of pipes in a click.
  • Multi split - using Detail Line or Model Line.
  • Align either Top or Bottom of pipes in a rack.
  • Multi connect will help you to connect multiple pipes in few clicks.
  • Vertical Connect - set desired bend angle and connect multiple pipes in different elevations in one shot.
  • Rolling offset - helps you to add Rolling offsets with required angle for bunch of pipes.
  • Tee connect- helps you to add Tee connections for bunch of pipes.
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Version 1.0.0, 10.01.2020
Initial release

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