Automatic Clash Solver for MEP and MEP Up and Down

Automatic Clash Solver for MEP and MEP Up and Down

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This tool is designed to automatically solve the clashes between the MEP elements.


Usually, users spend a lot of time-solving clashes between Pipes, Conduits, Cable Trays and Ducts.


This tool will automatically solve these clashes depending on an accurate setting to define the offset, angle, and distance of the newly created elements which will solve the clash.


In the predefined settings, you can set which links and categories you need to clash with.

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Version 1.1.1, 19.04.2021
Added Support for version R2022.

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  • Great time saver tool
    Ankit Singhai | September 30, 2022

    Great time saver tool. Works like a charm and saves a lot of time.

    Can do vertical offsets properly, but can we also get a feature to horizintal offsets?

  • saves time
    Bassem Amin | Oktober 25, 2019 Geprüfter Download (Was ist das?)

    The tool saves a lot of time in solving the clashes, instead of making section views and manually change a pipe or duct path in some parts to resolve the clash, it do it automatically according the values you enter for the offset, angle, and distance

    Also, the tool gives the ability to do one side offset for the elements.

    Only one thing needs to be developed, the ability to work with the models on the 360 cloud

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