Avoid Clashes v 2017

Avoid Clashes v 2017

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This tool is designed to easy detect and highlight the clashes between Autodesk® Revit® Elements, helping users to avoid clashes.

Saving huge time  consumed in clash solving.


1. The tool will detected clashed elements and place falg balls in each clash location.

2.The tool will enable you to create clash report in Revit for the clashed elements.

3.The tool will detect clashes and detect modifications on clashes in real time .

4.You can create your clash settings in order to force the tool to work with specific link or specific categorey.

5.The tool will remove the old flag balls when the clash solved and it will remove it from the clash report.

6.You can deactivate the real time clash detection and use the manual way wich enable you to work on selected elements or last modified element.

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Version 1.1.1, 21.08.2018
1. Fixing clash with slanted and sloped elements 2.Activate real time clash

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