Super Hangers 2015

Super Hangers 2015

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This tool is designed to place hangers along the (Ducts , Pipes,Conduits,Cable Trays) automatically.


Work Flow: 


  1. Select the desired Element.
  2. Click the Element hanger command.
  3. The Element Hangers form will appear.
  4. Select the hanger family type.
  5. Write the offset distance between hangers in mm.
  6. Select the upper level of the hanger or the tool will select it automatically.
  7. Click ok to get the result
  8. This tool will automatically place hangers along all the elements. 


The tool will do the following updates:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

  1. The tool has many hangers’ styles.
  2. The tool can place the hangers along the elements (DUCTS, PIPES, CABLE TRAYS, and CONDUITS) automatically.
  3. The tool can place one hanger only on an element (if needed).
  4. The tool can select the hanger upper level automatically
  5. The tool will change the hanger size due to the change in element size.
  6. The tool will change the hanger offset due to the change in element offset.
  7. The user can choose to enter the distance between hangers in mm or inches.
  8. The tool can move the hanger to follow the moving elements.
  9. This tool can work with sloped elements.
  10. The tool can work with slanted elements.
  11. The tool can delete the hangers related to specific duct when you delete the duct.
  12. The tool can place the first hanger and specify the distance between the first hanger and fittings.
  13. The tool detects insulation and works with it.


Licence agreement:


The tool will work one month without activation.

For Yearly subscription,  the tool will be work for one year after activation.

For monthly subscription, the tool will work without activation just click the check box("Don't show this message again")

For monthly subscription, when the user  renew the license for another month, the tool will request activation code and we will send you 1-year activation

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Version 1.0.0, 03.01.2018
Initial Release

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