RV FamilyPurge 2024

RV FamilyPurge 2024

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(This trial is for Revit® 2024 only. To try on other Revit® versions, please visit https://rv-boost.com/revit-plugins/rv-family-purge/)
Have you tried everything to reduce a Revit model’s file size? How about opening each family loaded in your model, do Purge Unused, repeat for any nested families, and reload things back into your project?

If that sounds like an enormous task, RV FamilyPurge will make you smile! It’s the one-click solution for cleaning all loaded families in your model, including all their nested components no matter how many nesting levels deep.

Use RV FamilyPurge and then do a final Purge Unused in your model to see your file size drops significantly, often by 40% to 60% in our tests!
Why not start right now with this free trial with all available features?
Find out more at https://rv-boost.com/revit-plugins/rv-family-purge/

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This trial provides full app functionalities for 14 days on Revit 2024.

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Versión, 10/10/2023
New release for Revit 2024

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  • Imported Cad
    Joan Jett Bautista | enero 19, 2023

    Does this purge even the imported cad files within the families?


    RV Boost (Editor) | enero 19, 2023

    Hi Joan, this plugin performs Purge Unused 3 times in each family and loaded it back into the main model. If a family has unused imported CAD files, they will be removed during this process. If not, you can use our other plugin, CAD Files Explorer, to scan all families for imported CAD. You can then open the detected families to clean them up. To download CAD Files Explorer, please go to https://rv-boost.com/cad-files-explorer-download/

  • Great Tool
    Michael Cox | diciembre 12, 2022

    Took about an hour to run the process, but it successfully purged all but four families in my model, bringing it down from 650MB to 415MB.  It creates a very handy report afterwards with elemind IDs for you to track the failed families.  Highly recommend.

    RV Boost (Editor) | diciembre 14, 2022

    Thank you Michael for taking the time and review our app! If you want to suggest any improvement to the app, please let us know at support@rv-boost.com

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