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A number of free tools are available directly out of the box. For some premium features, you need purchase a subscription to unlock all restricted features. For more info see: Tools comparison or read the information below.


Open in PDF

Command automatically sets the paper size according to the view size and opens the current view in the default PDF viewer.

Learn more at Open in PDF | Revit Export | unit Documentation (unit-bim.com)


Open in DWG

The command opens the current view in the default Dwg browser.

Learn more at Open in DWG | Revit Export | unit Documentation (unit-bim.com)


Open in EXCEL

Continue working with the schedule in Excel with one click. You can set the export format in the settings.

Learn more at Open in Excel | Revit Export | unit Documentation (unit-bim.com)


Change Material Images Path

After transferring the Autodesk® Revit® file to another device. Simply correct the error of all material images by reloading the new image path at once.

Learn more at Material | Revit Export | unit Documentation (unit-bim.com)



With a unit subscription, you can extend free features for custom file naming and PDF security.


SECURE your created files.

Add password security for a pdf document, or change its permissions directly in Revit without additional programs.

Learn more at: Open in PDF | Revit Export | unit Documentation (unit-bim.com)


Export Views

Batch export selected views up to 5 formats simultaneously. Choose from a variety of properties and formatting options.

Learn more at Export Views | Revit Export | unit Documentation (unit-bim.com)


Export Schedules

Export selected schedules as separate files or merge them into one final Excel.

Learn more at Schedule export | Revit Export | unit Documentation (unit-bim.com)


Material image export

Collects and copies all images in material assets to one folder wherever they are stored on the disk. Transfer the Revit file to another device, without losing material images.


Unit Revit tools are available for free. Or purchase a subscription to unlock all restricted features. For more info see: Product comparison | Revit Export | unit Documentation (unit-bim.com)

The licensing system is adapted to all users' types or needs. Choose from our range of licenses, or take advantage of the unlimited features of unit Autodesk Revit add-ons for free. Learn more at: Licenses types | Revit Export | unit Documentation (unit-bim.com)


See our prices models at: https://www.unit-bim.com/revittools 


unit Export tools support Revit 2018-2022.

Note: This app uses a custom installer (and not the standard App Store installer).

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Versión 2.0.3, 16/09/2021
Track all changes at: https://www.unit-bim.com/docs/changelog

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