Duplicate Electrical Circuits

Duplicate Electrical Circuits




This add-in is designed to copy electrical circuits in a fluid workflow and minimum clicks.

No need to re-circuit. no extra work required.


  • copy electrical circuits including wiring, tags and electrical power
  • copy circuits in the same view or from different views in the same file
  • copy circuits from one project to another
  • save your time in wiring typical rooms, floors or even buildings


just 3 steps :

  1. Run the add-in and initialize
  2. Copy the elements /circuits (including wires&tags, *optional)
  3. Run the add-in again and map the electrical panels (from, to)

Useful for circuiting typical floors or typical rooms in the same file or different ones

The tool will facilitate the copying of Electrical typical floors.

See the video and pictures below for more information.


License information

  • One license for multiple computers for companies,
  • Single license for individuals.

visit us at: https://sites.google.com/view/mrhstudio/bim-revit-apps

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Initial release.

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