This application contains all the tools needed to modify Autodesk® Revit® views.


1. Batch Assign Scope Box to Views 

The tool is designed to Assign Scope Box to a specific view or views automatically.


2. Batch Duplicate Views 

This tool is designed to duplicate views automatically in Revit.


3. Batch Rename Views

This tool is designed to modify the views’ names in the Revit project.


4. Purge unused views

This tool is designed to purge the views, which are not placed on a sheet or not a reference view.


5. Purge Unused View Template 

This tool is used to purge unused view templates in a Revit Model.


6.Batch create 3d view from section or callout view

The tool will generate a 3D view for a batch of selected sections or callouts.


7.Batch convert floor plans and ceiling plans to 3D

The tool will generate a 3D view for a batch of selected views.


8.Copy cope boxes from the linked file.

This app provides more automation for scope box workflow. 

Acerca de esta versión

Versión 1.1.7, 16/11/2021
Updating the tool to fix the issue of wrong position and direction of the generated 3D section.

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