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Say goodbye to working from out-of-date drawings resulting in expensive reworks.

Revicheck is a simple one-step process that enables you to be efficient, working from the latest revisions and reducing costly reworks.
No fuss or wasted time, just a simple system that delivers confirmation you have the correct drawings to work from. Accessible for any size project, pay per QR code, as and when required.

ReviCheck enables contractors and site managers to install using the latest drawings and information. Using a simple, one-step process, it reduces wastage, project delays, and budget overspends due to incorrect drawings. 52% of all rework globally is caused by poor data and miscommunication, ReviCheck ensures you will never work from out-of-date drawings again. Using our QR codes, get it right - the first time.

"Such a simple, yet effective concept, I look forward to using it to reduce time wasted on costly reworks" - Matt Phillips, Senior Technical Services Manager,

"We have found this software useful already and feel it will add significant value to the project once it reaches site." - Owen McSweeny, BIM Coordinator, Designer Group

Generate QR codes directly from the BIM Model
Pay only for the QR codes generated
Confirm drawing revision status in an instant
Works on digital and physical drawings
Free mobile apps
Free Autodesk® Revit® plugin for design teams


At the office: Prior to publishing, add a ReviCheck QR code to your drawings using the free Revit plug-in, this ensures the digital or physical copy of the drawing can be scanned using the ReviCheck Mobile app...
On-site: Before commencing work, simply open the ReviCheck Mobile app, scan the QR code and get instant confirmation you have the latest revision to work from.

No more expensive reworks from needless communication errors.

Integrates with Revit design software.
Simple 3-step process - easy to use.
Once you have the Revit plug-in, generate QR codes for every drawing.
No upfront costs.
Clarification in seconds.
Reduces administration overheads on-site
Accessible for all sized projects, add QR codes to the drawings you need.

ReviCheck is a free app created by industry experts
Revision information is generated from the source BIM Model reducing potential errors when using third-party solutions
We deliver an accessible way to ensure the latest drawing revisions are being used, creating clarity in the construction work you provide.

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Revicheck was created by an engineer frustrated by wasted time on reworks that could have been prevented. With a desire to introduce a more efficient system that links those behind the computer, and those working on the installation, ReviCheck was created.

Its streamlined usability and accessibility makes it a solution for contractors and site managers. Work can begin on-site using the most recent drawing revisions, resulting in the reduction of costly reworks.

Descripción de la versión de prueba

Sign up for a free ReviCheck account and download the free Revit plugin that also includes 10 free credits to trial ReviCheck on your projects.

One QR code credit is required per drawing to register it on the ReviCheck portal. Drawings can be revised and QR codes regenerated as many times as required for free after the initial purchase.

Additional credits can be purchased via the ReviCheck web portal

Download the free mobile app from the Google or Apple app store to scan the QR codes generated by the ReviCheck plugin


Acerca de esta versión

Versión 1.1.6, 17/07/2023
ReviCheck Version 1.1.6 Software Update We are excited to introduce ReviCheck version 1.1.6, the latest update to our powerful project management software. This update includes several important features and improvements to enhance your workflow and streamline project collaboration. Let's take a closer look at the changes: Revit 2024 Support: ReviCheck now fully supports Revit 2024, ensuring seamless integration with the latest version of Autodesk's flagship BIM software. You can now enjoy all the benefits of ReviCheck while working with Revit 2024 projects. Automatic Team Selection: When logging into the ReviCheck plugin, the software will now automatically select the correct Team if the project already belongs to one. This feature saves time and eliminates the need for manual selection, ensuring that you're always working within the right team environment. Duplicate Project Warnings: To prevent the creation of duplicate projects on the portal, we have added additional warning mechanisms. ReviCheck will now notify you if a project with the same name already exists, helping you avoid unintentional project duplication and potential confusion among team members. Enhanced Sheet Status Sorting: In response to user feedback, we have improved the sorting functionality for sheet statuses. Previously, sheets were sorted alphabetically, which could make it challenging to locate specific statuses. With this update, sheet statuses will now be sorted by their respective status, making it much easier to find and manage sheets based on their current status. We believe that these updates will greatly enhance your experience with ReviCheck. We are committed to continuously improving our software, and your feedback is invaluable in guiding our development efforts. Thank you for choosing ReviCheck as your preferred project management solution. If you have any further questions or suggestions, please don't hesitate to reach out to our support team.

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  • ReviCheck is a Must
    Jason Matthews | junio 21, 2024 Descarga verificada (¿Qué es esto?)

    ReviCheck solves a problem we have had with our contractors for  while; knowing what drawings are the most current. The amount of changes that occur in the field, during coordination, or even throughout the design phase, ReviCheck is highly recommended!

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