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Draw Stairs is an Autodesk® Revit® Add-In that allows you to create a custom family of stairs that can host rebar. You can use this Add-In to design and model stairs with different parameters and options.


To use this Add-In, you need to install it and then find it under the CAD-BUD tab in Revit. When you click on the Draw Stairs button, a window will pop up with a default staircase. You can modify the staircase by changing the following parameters:


General parameters: These are the basic dimensions of the staircase, such as:

Steps: The number of steps in the staircase.

Width: The width of the staircase.

Tread: The horizontal distance from the front to the back of each step.

Riser: The vertical distance from the top of one step to the top of the next step.

Hplate: The thickness of the slab.

Gap: The distance between the flight of stairs and the landing provides clearance for installation and space for acoustic insulation.


(Blue dimensions refer to stairs)


Upper support parameters: These are the dimensions of the upper landing and support of the staircase, such as:

Hsup1: The height of the upper backrest of the stairs.

Trsup1: The thickness of the upper support.


Tread1: Dimension of the first step of the stairs.

Hland1: The height of the upper landing structure.

Lf1: The thickness of layers on the upper landing.


(Blue dimensions refer to stairs)


Bottom support parameters: These are the dimensions of the bottom landing and support of the staircase, such as:

Hsup2:The height of the bottom backrest of the stairs.

Trsup2: The thickness of the bottom support.


Tread2: Dimension of the last step of the stairs.

Hland2: The height of the bottom landing structure.

Lf2: The thickness of layers on the bottom landing.


(Blue dimensions refer to stairs) 


Name of stairs: to choose a name for the family of stairs that you create.


The Add-In ensures the validity of entered parameters and prevents you from proceeding if the staircase geometry is invalid. For instance, it will restrict the creation of a staircase with non-contiguous loops or steps that are excessively high or narrow, updating the status to "Bad Geometry.


Additionally, the Add-In assesses the goodness of the stairs based on the following conditions, adding a status of "Good Stairs" or "Bad Stairs" (note: this does not prevent the user from proceeding):

1. Riser ≤ 220 mm

2. 600 ≤ Tread + 2 x Riser ≤ 650


If the geometry is valid, the Add-In draws the family of stairs and adds it to the active document. The created stairs are capable of hosting rebar, which you can add using the Revit tools or streamline it using the "Stair Rebar" Add-in by CAD-BUD.

Acerca de esta versión

Versión 1.0.1, 15/05/2024
Creating custom stair families with rebar hosting. Design and model stairs with various parameters under the CAD-BUD tab in Revit. Ensure validity with real-time checks, restricting invalid geometries. Assess stairs based on conditions, providing a "Good Stairs" or "Bad Stairs" status. Add stairs to the active document, ready for rebar integration using Revit tools. Add a custom rebar cover entitled "Rebar Cover - Draw Stairs 20mm" and applies it to the created stairs.

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