BIM Designers Rebar Design&Detailing 2020 Trial

BIM Designers Rebar Design&Detailing 2020 Trial

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GRAITEC Advance BIM Designers - Concrete Series - Rebar Design & Detailing embeds advanced industry-specific intelligence into Autodesk® Revit® enabling the design, creation and documentation production of 3D reinforcement cages for concrete frame structures to be fully automated.


Complete with US (ACI), Canadian (CSA), European (EC), French (NTC) design codes and supplied with numerous country-specific Revit Families and Revit Templates, GRAITEC Advance BIM Designers Rebar Design & Detailing is extremely flexible for both single elements and fully connected BIM projects. It can be applied at any stage of the design process, from configuring 3D cages to creating documentation with international design codes and detailing standards.


Key features of GRAITEC Advance BIM Designers - Concrete Series - Rebar Design & Detailing for Revit:

  • International design codes covering US (ACI), Canada (CSI), Europe (EC) and France (NTC)
  • Built-in design reports complete with design code formulas
  • International detailing standards with localized DWG and Revit Families and Templates (editable)
  • Design-driven 3D rebar cages generation for concrete frames
  • Design Group Concept - Identical 3D rebar cages for all grouped elements (columns/footings), hence a single drawing sheet, but with a rebar schedule that considers all elements in the group

  • Realtime 'required reinforcement' checking
  • Automated drawing creation
  • Ability to detect family-based openings in beams at the intersection with MEP elements

  • Embedded Reinforcement Tools for editing rebar cages and drafting (visibility, numbering, details, and annotations)

  • Perfect Revit integration enables new Families to be created using simple geometry editor
  • Uses native Revit Families making all results completely client-side configurable (includes bevel cuts, bedding, projections, and chamfers)
  • Includes column, beam, footing, wall and slab modules.


Key workflows:

  • Simple 3D Rebar cage configurator to save time creating rebar cages for concrete frames in Revit.
  • 3D Rebar generation of all concrete frame elements based on default preferences (ideal for estimating).
  • Enter loads manually to instantly calculate and generate required 3D reinforcement for concrete frames in Revit.
  • Use FEM results imported from Engineer to automatically design and calculate required 3D reinforcement in Revit.
  • Single elements can be redesigned independently by an engineer (in standalone mode) and re-synced with the Revit model.
  • Fully automated documentation creation (views, sections, elevations, drawing sheets & schedules) in Revit.
  • Multiple elements synchronization/import/export on selection.


Visit the product web page for more information.

Note: This product uses a custom installer (and not the standard App Store installer).

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 This is a 15-day trial of the Standalone version. 

 The Full version - 12-month Desktop Subscription - is available to purchase on the Store! 

 Languages are available on installation: English, French, Czech, German, Italian, Polish and Romanian.

 To purchase this product, and other multi-year, network and bulk subscription options please contact GRAITEC directly:

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Version 2020, 18/02/2021
2020 release

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