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Worksharing Monitor for Autodesk Revit® facilitates the use of Autodesk® Revit®, Autodesk® Revit® Architecture, Autodesk® Revit® Structure, or Autodesk® Revit® MEP software in a worksharing environment, in which multiple people work on one project. For workshared projects, Worksharing Monitor answers questions such as:
  • Who is currently working on this project?
  • Is my local copy of the project up-to-date?
  • When will my Save to Central operation finish?
  • Has my request to borrow elements been granted?
  • Are any issues interfering with my work on a Revit software project?


Note: Worksharing Monitor is not useful for standalone Revit software projects, which do not use worksharing to divide the work for a project among several people.

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Version 2016.0, 23/07/2018

Initial 2016 version.

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  • Japanese version ?
    真則 三井 | septembre 30, 2016

    is there in Japanese version ??

  • not working
    Lenka Leginova | août 11, 2016

    Worksharing monitor for 2016 just does not display anything. Says no files are open. This is the case for the whole office. What is wrong?

  • Love the Monitor - HATE the installer(s)
    Steve Saltsman | octobre 28, 2015

    can we get some information that helps us install this add-in silently (any add in PLEASE). Using this with the deployment "additional software" prompts a dialog for "extraction location". An Idea for future versions is to make the Worksharing monitor work with previous version. We use this product a ton but to have 2 version running can be cumbersome. Another thing that this needs is a launch at Revit start up option. This add in is great and crucial to the product, however these thing make it unbearable to work with.

    Steve Saltsman | octobre 29, 2015

    after this post was approved I was prompted by Sandeep Kumar at autodesk to post this comment to Autodesk forums. Of course I searched for the topic and came up with this helpful link: Thanks for the feedback Sandeep!

  • Silent Deploy
    Sacha Farzat | octobre 28, 2015

    Hi,With WSM 2015, silent install with for deployments was not supported. Is it on 2016 version ? Regards,

  • Works Well
    Brandon Mccoy | octobre 21, 2015

    Took me a second to realize the download is over to the right and that the clickable Win64 and English buttons do nothing. Download came smooth and quick. Seems to work like the others. Thank you!

  • Can we get an MSI?
    Robert Graham | septembre 02, 2015

    Thanks for the app, just wondering if anyone has found an MSI version of this for use on enterprise level installs? I know I can probably add it to the distribution package as "additional software" but then i have to go through the trouble of updating that every time there's an update to the WSM. There were a couple of different versions of WSM for 2015.

    Thilo Schotter | septembre 08, 2015

    Extract the downloaded exe file. In the x64 folder you will find an msi file. - Thilo

  • Works just Fine
    Robert Jole | août 24, 2015

    Easy to install. However, not easy to find the download link.

  • Excellent!
    Aaron Vorwerk | août 22, 2015

    Glad it is finally just as expected.

  • disappointed
    Jeff Pabros | août 20, 2015

    When trying to install the software, I get a message saying the file is invalid. it took4 months for this?