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XYZ to Floor

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XYZ to Floor takes point data from CSV files and creates new structural floor elements in minutes - with surfaces that accurately match existing point cloud images.


The plugin takes your data captured from the site and creates a floor element via an import of a CSV file. You can use Pointcloud data, GNSS or Total station points to create an accurate floor. It supports original scan data taken in both metric (m) and imperial units (ft).


This app is designed to help Surveyors, Engineers, Architects, 3D Autodesk® Revit® Modellers and 3D Laser scanning technicians to import as-built conditions from site to office, automating the tedious manual input of surface points within a structural floor element.


To use this app, insert your pointcloud (rcs or rcp) to Revit as "Auto Origin to Origin" via the existing Revit Insert tab if required.


Prepare your floor point data into a CSV file in the numerical format of (E-value), (N-value), (Z-value). Find XYZ to Floor on the add-ins tab and click the button to load CSV into XYZ to Floor - it will create a new structural floor that accurately matches your point cloud image. Slab boundaries will need some manual adjustment but they are set automatically to the height of your floor shape points.


XYZ to Floor checks for formatting errors in your CSV file and reports any points that can not accurately be rendered into the new floor element.

Example csv format: 



XYZ to Floor supports up to 1750 points per floor but recommends working a maximum of 1000 points for the best efficiency in workflow.

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Version 1.0.0, 13/09/2021
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  • Finally a easy to use method for complex floor surfaces
    RUSSELL FULLER HILL | février 19, 2020

    Simple to use and works as advertised. As long as you can extract CSV file from your pointcloud you are away. Looking forward to further developments from this developer