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Obtain effortlessly elements quantity take-off. You just need to select in your BIM model the desired set of elements to get their surface areas and volumes. This tool enables construction planners to easily allocate daily work to construction crews, to facilitate work-order transmission to the field, and to effectively make purchase orders such as the precast concrete. This tool is useful for Last Planner System users who plan their daily work via takt-time schedules (activity trains) and look ahead planning. 


Now you can also export an EXCEL FILE with the quantities of materials of the selected elements, including additional data.

Unit system available: Imperial and Metric.

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Versione 5.0.0, 11/11/2022
Updated for Autodesk® Revit® 2023 New options to apply volume and area factors. New data of the perimeter of elements.

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  • RE: Dudas
    alexander cardenas | aprile 11, 2021

    cuando sale para la version 2022

  • So fast!
    Jesus Eduardo Leiva Ramos | novembre 17, 2018

    Excelent app

  • Excelent
    Henry R. Páucar Romero | novembre 17, 2018

    This app helped me a lot, Thanks

  • Interesante !!
    Ricardo Mendoza | novembre 17, 2018

    Muy util sobre todo para el uso del BIM en obra. !! 

  • Mue bueno
    Antonio Tumialan | novembre 17, 2018

    Me fue bastante util, gracias por su aporte

  • genial
    Angel Ortega | novembre 17, 2018

    ahora puedo administrar y distribuir mejor el proceso de construcción 

    Jose Emilio Chirinos Campomanes | novembre 17, 2018


  • Aplicacion en obra
    Urbina Flores Cesar Augusto Junior | novembre 17, 2018

    Una buena aplicacion para organizar mejor el trabajo, buen aporte.

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