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CADtoWIN is a solution made to link Autodesk® AutoCAD® or Autodesk® Revit® based applications to Microsoft SharePoint Technologies much the same way that Microsoft Office applications connect to SharePoint sites.  


CADtoWIN enables AutoCAD or Revit drawings to be opened, saved, checked online/offline out, versions history view, and checked in to the SharePoint document Library environment, and all such operations work within your familiar AutoCAD/Revit based application. Operating with an intelligent ribbon, menu, dialog boxes and toolbars, the user is reminded of the familiar ease of performance using Microsoft Office applications. Drawings can be easily accessed by all project team members, boosting business productivity. AutoCAD/Revit dwg, rvt, rfa drawing files can be used and shared in their original native format throughout your intranet or extranet. In addition, for AutoCAD, CADtoWIN supports your drawing associated external reference files placed on your SharePoint site. You have full access to basic file operations of your SharePoint site, such as delete files, delete folders, create file, create folders, web navigation, etc.--- all of this available from inside your AutoCAD or Revit based application.  


CADtoWIN is a very efficient product, can be installed in less than a minute, and you do not need to install anything on your SharePoint server to start using it.  


With CADtoWIN, you can have the benefits of an Enterprise Document Management System (EDMS) at an affordable price. To start, all you need is Windows Server, the free SharePoint Services version for that server, and CADtoWIN to enjoy all of the collaboration features from within your AutoCAD/Revit based application. With CADtoWIN, AutoCAD/Revit drawings can be easily classified by facilitating the creation and filling of custom fields. You will enjoy organized files, version number control, and the ease of creating custom properties or metadata for your drawings. With all of this in place, your dwg, rvt, rfa files and associated reference files can be located using CADtoWIN or SharePoint.  


CADtoWIN will deliver all the power of Microsoft document collaboration infrastructure from right inside of your AutoCAD or Revit application in a friendly, intuitive and easy to use light application. Don’t think complex; think complete!


This is a 30 days trial Please refer to the online help at

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Versione 3.2018.0.16, 29/06/2021
Revit 2022 compatible

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