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ETAP DataX - Autodesk® Revit® interface offers the capability to import Revit Electrical System into ETAP power system software to perform comprehensive studies and to export detailed analyzed results and evaluated equipment ratings back to Revit. This smart plugin includes direct two-way communication between ETAP and Revit software and flexible mapping tools in order for users to transform and manipulate data. This tool saves a lot of time by not only allowing for custom mapping of data but also automatically generates an equivalent one-line diagram in ETAP. This one-line diagram utilizes AutoBuild™ layout logic and spacing to quickly start the process of detailed design in ETAP software and perform power system analysis to validate and update the electrical model. The data exchange interface between the Revit software for BIM (Building Information Modeling) provides the designer and engineers with the necessary tools to transfer the model to the ETAP software for performing complete electrical system design and analysis and generate comprehensive and validated deliverables. Learn more about this interface.


Note that use of this plugin (ver.2.0.0) requires ETAP 19.5 or higher and DataX - Revit Interface module. Contact ETAP for Pricing.


  • Validate the Revit Electrical BIM with ETAP
  • Improve engineering design quality
  • Reduce cost by significantly reducing hours needed to perform system studies
  • Avoid duplicate / incorrect data entry
  • Direct communication with Revit
  • Flexibility to use all ETAP modules for analysis


Key Features


  • Import Revit drawings to ETAP one-line diagram
  • Import Revit Load Classification to ETAP Load Code Factor
  • One-line diagram auto-generation with automatic spacing & alignment rules
  • Bidirectional data transfer
  • Customizable Universal Mapping of components
  • Customizable panel internal & external loads
  • Data range & consistency checking
  • Typical data substitution for missing parameters
  • Use ETAP engineering library data
  • Export ETAP Load Flow, Short Circuit and Arc Flash results to Revit


Revit - ETAP Universal Mapping


ETAP makes use of the information available in Revit for automatically generating a one-line diagram including unlimited sub-systems and populating element properties. Intelligent error checking maintains electrical integrity of ETAP’s element properties during the data exchange process. The universal Mapping tool is used to define direct relations between ETAP’s element properties and Revit’s equipment attributes.


About This Version

Version 2.0.0

What’s new?

  • Direct Two-Way Communication with Revit
  • Intelligent Default Auto Mapping & Interface
  • Export ETAP Simulation Results to Revit

Informazioni sulla versione

Versione 2.0.0, 08/12/2022
What’s new? - Direct Two-Way Communication with Revit - Intelligent Default Auto Mapping & Interface - Export ETAP Simulation Results to Revit

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    it is link of Etap to Revit. I like that. and also useful 

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