Batch detach model (Detach multiple Central files)

Batch detach model (Detach multiple Central files)

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Adding unlimited number of Central Autodesk® Revit® model to be detached and auto upgrade older files to newer version

No matter how many Central models you have, you can easily add them all in the file list to detach all at once. All you need is time for the add in to do the heavy works for you.

If you have older Revit Central files that need to be detached and preserve workset to create a newer version of Central files, these tasks will be done automatically when detaching the model as well. 

Removing unnecessary links (CAD links, Revit links, IFC links and Point Cloud links) in Central models

Remove all the unnecessarily link is one of the must in many BIM specification when you submit files to clients, so the add-in do provide this option to help you quickly remove them all while detaching the Central models.

Export NWC directly when detach Central Revit model

Exporting NWC is always one of the most time consuming task and normally you have to open up each model to do this with the default NWC exporter from Revit. With our add-in, this task can be done automatically while detaching the Central Revit model. But the exporter is limited to export the default 3D view only.

Adding prefix and suffix to file names

You can easily add a suffix or prefix for the output Detached models if you want so you don't have to rename all the files manually.

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Versione 4.1, 06/04/2022
- Support Revit 2023

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