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This app automatically creates elements using imported CAD blocks.

If you have a CAD reference for creating elements such as columns, lights, sprinklers, etc., this app can save you modeling time and increase the accuracy of your model.



Inside the CAD file, most of the columns, lights, and sprinklers are made of blocks.

You can get these blocks by partially exploding the CAD file.

Select the blocks in the plan view, select the desired family and type in the app, press the Place button and the elements will be placed automatically.

Families can be used point placement based component families.

Elements are placed at the block's center point or origin, and the block's rotation is also reflected.

If horizontal face is checked, elements are placed on a face of ceiling, floor, roof, structural framing. It need a 3D view with a section box applied so that the face you want to place can be seen.

All you need is a block of a referenceable CAD file, this app allows you to place elements easily, quickly and accurately.

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Versione 1.0.0, 16/11/2021
First version

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  • Issue with payment
    Руслан Нарулин | maggio 26, 2021

    Hello! I use the trial version of your app. It's very cool). But i can't buy full version(. There is problem with PayPal in Russia. Could you tell if there is another way to buy your app? Thanks in regard)

    Modeling Store (Autore) | luglio 04, 2021

    We are sorry that there is no other payment method. Thanks for your comments.

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