Setout Point Coordinate

Setout Point Coordinate

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This App allows the scheduling of X, Y, and Z coordinates of any given point of a site, project, building, an object or an element.


You place instances of a “Setout Point Marker” family to the points where the coordinates should be exported and scheduled. This family definition contains shared parameters to hold the data required for scheduling.


The app will then automatically extract the relevant X, Y & Z coordinates of given points from the model and populate the “Setout Point Marker” families parameters with the value. They can be formatted and placed on a drawing sheet.


This app provides 15 days trial period with full functionality.

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This is a 15-day trial application.

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Versione, 13/08/2019
2020 update

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  • Really Great App, IS it Still Being Updated?
    Lewis Jolliffe | marzo 01, 2021 Download verificato (Guida rapida)

    Great App, Very Useful, but we've since moved onto 2021, is this app being updated for use with later versions of revit?

  • Can be made ude for 2015 Revit
    Rakesh Singh Thakur | giugno 12, 2017 Download verificato (Guida rapida)

    Hi i want to these API in revit 2015 can you make changes. regards Rakesh singh

    Babu Rajan (Autore) | giugno 12, 2017

    Sorry, we don't have a 2015 version of this App.

  • Excelent app
    Luis Garcia | marzo 05, 2016 Download verificato (Guida rapida)

    I really like it, it does what it say's. My only complain is that i can only install it in one computer, other apps attatch to the autodesk account, that would be nice.

  • very useful for numbering pile
    Linh Nguyen | gennaio 26, 2016

    i like it. it is actual good tool and save time which tool I search

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