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EzAssembly is a software tool developed to assist with computer-aided design (CAD) services. It simplifies the process of managing design assemblies in Autodesk® Revit® projects by automating the duplication of views, schedules, and sheets between assemblies while preserving the layout and details.



EzAssembly’s goal is to facilitate the accurate generation of assembly views and sheets, enhancing overall productivity in CAD tasks.


Assembly Views Supported:

3D Ortho (Orientation Relative to Assembly Origin)


Section A

Section B

Elevation Top

Elevation Bottom

Elevation Left

Elevation Right

Elevation Front

Elevation Back

Part List

Material Takeoff

-Category- Schedule(s)

Sheet (In Assembly and Project Sheet)

NEW: Project Schedules (Supports duplicating or transferring specific category or multi-category project schedules, including Conduit & Cable Tray Run Schedules)


Since Version 2: Enhanced View Creation

The new Keyword functionality allows users to create assembly views by matching keywords in view names, enabling automatic identification of the appropriate view type and orientation. This feature streamlines the process and improves accuracy in generating assembly views.

Note: If no matching keyword is found, the project origin and view orientation will be used to generate the views. Sections A and B will be converted to Elevation Front, Back, Left, or Right depending on the orientation. Angled elevation views are not supported.


Practical CAD Tools

  • Create Assembly: Create assembly including nested elements (subcomponents).
  • Transfer Views: Create assembly views and sheets based on a separate project's assembly.
  • Print Selection: Add project browser selected sheets to <in-session> selection to be printed.



  • When an assembly is renamed, related elements such as view names, schedule names, and sheet numbers are also automatically updated to maintain consistency in CAD projects.

Note: Assemblies must be created or modified while a valid EzAssembly license is present to be compatible with this feature.


New: Project Schedules (Expanded Support)

When enabled, EzAssembly now supports duplicating or transferring any project schedule found in an assembly sheet. Upon detecting a project schedule, the add-in will create a corresponding schedule in the project, update the assembly name in the schedule name and filters, and place the newly created schedule in the new sheet. This expanded functionality provides more versatility for users working with specific category or milti-categoy project schedules.

Note: It is recommended to use Data Ctrl Parameter Mapping functionality to maintain Assembly Name updated in run schedules.


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Note: This app uses a custom installer (and not the standard App Store installer).

Informazioni sulla versione

Versione 25.0.2, 16/05/2024
- Fixed an issue that prevented links from opening in Revit 2025. - Fixed an issue that occurred during the transfer of views. - Fixed an issue that resulted in multiple instances of schedules on a sheet when transferring views. Important: Please review the revision notes for version 25.0.0, which include significant improvements.

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