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‘GeT Know-How' is an intuitive on-demand reference and eTraining tool available directly inside your Autodesk® software, including Autodesk® Revit®, Autodesk® AutoCAD®, Autodesk® Civil 3D®, Autodesk® AutoCAD® Plant 3D, Autodesk® Inventor®.


Autodesk eTraining: All Global eTraining content is developed by expert Autodesk trainers and designed to support multiple learning styles.


Predictive Learning: ‘GeT Know-How’ reacts to your commands, showing you the learning content relevant to the tools you are actively using


GeT Interactive: Work through course topics directly within the software via access to the ‘GeT Interactive’ course interface including videos, screenshots, audio instruction, hands-on exercises and more.


Searchable Reference Tool: Search for specific training resources by keyword to find what you need in real-time and stay focused on the work that matters most.


Expert Help Desk Support: One-click access to real experts and technical support via help desk tickets and live chat.


Personalization: The modern dockable window allows custom positioning and sizing within your workspace. Employ filters and turn predictive suggestions on and off to personalize your experience.


Custom Content: By utilizing ‘The Generator’ course authoring technology, organizations can have their custom courses and related workflows loaded directly into the plugin and access to their team.


Plus, when you download ‘GeT Know-How’ you can also register for a free 7-day trial of Global eTraining’s ‘GeT Everything’ library, packed with a continuously expanding library of courses for relevant BIM skills and software training.




‘GeT Know-How’ requires a subscription to the ‘GeT Everything’ library and the successful installation of compatible Autodesk software (AutoCAD, Civil 3D, AutoCAD Plant 3D, Inventor or Revit).


Note: This app uses a custom installer (and not the standard App Store installer). 

Informazioni sulla versione

Versione, 10/11/2021
Includes some fixes and integrates a new web browser for better compatibility and to help support future features.

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  • Very intuitive. Very helpful.
    Charles Jarvis | gennaio 20, 2020 Download verificato (Guida rapida)

    The Get-Know-How Plugin is a fantastic tool for Autodesk users. A great resource for real-time, on-demand, effective learning. 

  • Great Plug-in
    Brandon Heurter | gennaio 17, 2020 Download verificato (Guida rapida)

    This plugin provides access to my online courses without having to leave the software.

  • Very Useful App
    Muhib Rahmatalla | gennaio 17, 2020 Download verificato (Guida rapida)

    This plugin is great for all Autodesk users. It’s highly informative, easy to use and one of the best support to many applications.

  • Very Useful App
    Muhib Rahmatalla | gennaio 17, 2020 Download verificato (Guida rapida)

    This plugin is great for all Autodesk users. It’s highly informative, easy to use and one of the best support to many applications.

  • Powerful, must-have tool
    Patty Kimber | gennaio 17, 2020

    Great tool that is easy to use, powerful as a resource - a real time saver!

  • Much Improved
    Brock Kokot | gennaio 17, 2020 Download verificato (Guida rapida)

    A significant upgrade from the old verion offered by Global eTraining. It's faster, cleaner and more intuitive. And it works!

  • Biased and truthful review
    William Myers | gennaio 17, 2020 Download verificato (Guida rapida)

    This is the promise of the GeT Plug-In realized. Totally rebuilt from the ground up! 

    GeT training without leaving the software.  Training content can be reviewed sequentially, and it updates contextually based on the commands you select. 

    Easy updates, access to GeT Help Desk, customizable and totally easy to download/install for single or multi-platform deployments. 

    A giant leap forward for the GeT and another step in GeT's work to develop the best in class Autodesk training. 


  • So slick!
    Susan Brattberg | gennaio 16, 2020 Download verificato (Guida rapida)

    This is the most efficient way to learn and apply Autodesk skills to real-world projects.  Many GeT customers have told me they use the plugin every day and it saves hours.  It's a great resource for everyone on your BIM team to have access to. 

  • Why would you use Autodesk without it?
    JASON FRAME | gennaio 14, 2020

    This quick plugin download enables access to 100's of courses which strengthen Autodesk users workflow knowledge immediately.  An Autodesk user no longer needs to be stuck or overwhelmed on how best to proceed with their project.  Bravo!

  • A Definite Must-Have For All Autodesk Users!
    Kimberly Mouly | gennaio 10, 2020 Download verificato (Guida rapida)

    The new plugin is a great resource for anyone who is training in Revit, Civil 3D, Inventor, AutoCAD, Navisworks or AutoCAD Plant 3D. I love how it reacts to user commands and the fact that you can personalize it your individual needs is so unique. Worth downloading!

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