AGACAD Smart Browser – BIM Manager 2020

AGACAD Smart Browser – BIM Manager 2020

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BIM software for Autodesk® Revit® family browsing and batch-parameter management for a BIM team.

Smart Browser – BIM Manager has two primary purposes: (I) Browse Revit families and projects, and (II) Manage Revit content. 

I. Browse Revit families and projects — Find exactly what you need with the search-n-sort functionality for Revit families, elements, and their properties.


• Locate quickly: Search, select, group based on any parameters with the “dynamic tree”.


• Preview fully: See all relevant parameters and 2D/3D views before selecting.


• Insert easily: Just drag-n-drop from a family library or even another open project.


• Ensure quality: Control which families can be used and verify that project content is up-to-date.


II. Manage Revit content — BIM managers can easily organize and maintain Revit families and properties to ensure that their teams have and use reliable high-quality content.


• Order families: Create new types and (sub-) categories. Rename automatically with rules.


• Edit parameters: Make rules-based (batch) additions or changes directly in the browser.


• Find/fix errors: Verify geometry and data at any LOD to quickly fill in gaps or fix mistakes.


• Export SOIs: Pack BIM data into sets of information for precision delivery/exchange.


• Control access: Keep revision history. Centrally deploy the system and set permissions.





Note: This app uses a custom installer (not the standard App Store installer).

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Versione 2020.1, 02/06/2021
New release for 2020.

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