SENTIO VR: Autodesk® Revit® to VR made simple

SENTIO VR: Autodesk® Revit® to VR made simple


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SENTIO VR is the simplest way to present your Revit models in VR. 

Built for mobile VR, in a few clicks, we get your 3D walkthroughs ready for Oculus Go & Oculus Quest. Just download the plugin, create your account & upload your Revit model to our cloud. Once uploaded, the model is optimised for VR presentations.


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  • Upload your Revit models to your account directly via plugin
  • Instantly view your 3D models in Virtual Reality: Oculus GO, Oculus Quest & Samsung Gear VR
  • Manage and present your content from anywhere, anytime using your unique access code  


Main use cases:

  • Design review
  • Internal presentation
  • Client presentation 
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Versione 11.0.0, 07/01/2021
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