L4R Door and window schedules 2023

L4R Door and window schedules 2023

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Generate print-ready door and window legends with this Autodesk® Revit® add-in. 


The generated legends contain the floor plan views and sections of each door and window that are included in your Revit model. Besides, these views include the dimensions of the elements. 


In addition, you can select either your own tag or the one that comes by default, this one has included values that will be filled in automatically, such as the number of instantiated units in the project for each of the elements.


For more information on this add-in visit: https://lurtis.com/products/l4r-door-and-window-schedules/

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Versione, 15/07/2022
Version 2023

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  • Door and window schedules
    RVT !ng | settembre 01, 2022

    Doors and Window scheduling should already be built into Revit, as this is an obvious requirement for architecutural design.

    LURTUS is Very easy to use, gives you what you need and reduces your work time as it only take a few clicks to create a full schedule. 

    This product has great potential and im awaitng to see the update which would hopefully create a cleaner work space with a little bit more flexibility in final outcome presentation. 

    would give 5 star, but as it currently stands, i dont think it modifiable enough (ie, chosing to show every single joinery, or show a joinery with the tag of all the same sized ones underneath, mirrored, type of glass....) 

    overall great product, will keep an eye out for the update and will re-revie then.

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