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Use this powerful BIM software to place hangers, supports, and connections for mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems in Autodesk® Revit®. MEP Hangers enable instant custom rules-based insertion and modification of elements throughout a model for accuracy and speed on-site too.


To make it easy to jump right into using the app, we provide a complementary library of commonly used, customizable hangers and supports. Modify them as needed, or use your own to represent real-world products accurately. Note that the library is available even during your free trial!



• Place hundreds of hangers and supports per minute.

• Supports Revit and IFC structural/architectural links.

• Place hangers and supports on horizontal, vertical, and sloped MEP elements. 

• Create multi-level supports. 

• Update with one click. 

• Place hangers by spacing so that they connect to surrounding elements. 

• Split MEP elements into predefined lengths.

• Get precise bills of materials. 

• Export 3D model information for mapping drilling points on-site or for use with drilling robots. 

• Extract Revit data from MEP and structural elements.



• Collaborate with other disciplines – even non-Revit users.

• Enables effective project coordination, letting you eliminate clashes and mistakes at the design stage to avoid costly fixes down the line. 

• Use your own families or create new ones to use with the software. 

• Works with Fabrication Parts hangers. 

• Reduce waste and save money with precise quantities of needed parts. 

• Create and reuse hanger distribution configurations to save time and ensure consistency between team members and projects. (Sample configurations are provided.) 

• More visibility and size controls for hangers, more insights for analysis and scheduling. 


Note: This app uses a custom installer (not the standard App Store installer).

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Upon downloading the app, your free 14-day trial will install and activate automatically. The software has no functionality restrictions during the free trial period.


For tutorials, user guides, and help, see our Training and Support page:


Along with the app, the ARKANCE Dock will also install automatically. The Dock lets you access trials of other apps, make purchases, and download software updates.


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Versione, 09/01/2024
Includes new release for 2024. The Agacad Dock has been rebranded to the ARKANCE Dock.

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