WebGL Exporter For Autodesk® Revit® - Trial

WebGL Exporter For Autodesk® Revit® - Trial

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The WebGL Exporter for Revit exports the model to an HTML document that can be viewed in the browser.

ProtoTech converter's outstanding features:


Some more features: 


  1. Exports the model to an HTML document that can be viewed in the browser.
  2. Integrate your exported 3D model on the web page.
  3. Supports both face-level and body-level colors.
  4. An option is provided to control the file size and quality by specifying the precision value. Increasing precision value will increase the fineness and accuracy of the model as well as the file size. 
  5. All the data is compressed which reduces the file size as much as possible.
  6. Rebar Entity Supported.
  7. Support of Virtual Reality (VR) headset compatible format, for more information on how to use the VR function, click here.
  8. WebGL Exporter works with Revit 2017,2018,2019,2020,2021.1 and 2022.

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Informazioni sulla versione

Versione 5.1.21249.3358, 06/04/2022
1. Resolved Licensing issue. 2. Open Exported File Location.

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  • Textures
    EQUIPODIECISEIS Miguel | ottobre 13, 2020 Download verificato (Guida rapida)

    Hi, is there any posibility to export textures? 

  • how long does it take?
    Hui Qian | dicembre 26, 2015 Download verificato (Guida rapida)

    Usually how long does it take to export? Mine exporting looks taking forever.

  • Large Revit models - webgl crashes
    James Still | marzo 02, 2015 Download verificato (Guida rapida)

    Hi, I work with large Revit models 150mb+ and currently i created a WEBGL file and it was 172mb :( No browser will open it.

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