Id:door&window (Trial)

Id:door&window (Trial)

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This add-in allows you, through a graphical interface, to create fully configurable parametric doors and windows from more than ten preset types, add them to your project and modify them easily and quickly. More information


Main features:

  • Simple, fast and intuitive graphical interface
  • 10+ Door Types.
  • 10+ Window Types.
  • Imperial and metric units.
  • Set frame parameters.
  • Set sash and grid parameters.
  • Set sill and board parameters.
  • Set interior and exterior trim parameters.
  • Create custom windows by combining different types of sash into up to six individual panels.
  • Create custom doors by combining different types of panels.
  • Define the type parameters from the graphical interface.
  • Assign materials to each of the parts.
  • The name of the doors or windows can be defined automatically or customarily.
  • Windows created with id:window can be modified and edited with the same graphical interface.
  • Doors created with id:door can be modified and edited with the same graphical interface.
  • All families of doors or windows have shared parameters that allow them to be included in schedules.
  • An opening line can be shown or hidden.
  • Change the family to another from the graphical interface.
  • Three levels of detail: coarse, medium, and fine.
  • Set the horizontal cut plane of the custom window that will be shown in the floor plan.

Descrizione della versione di prova

The trial version is limited to generating only two types of windows and two types of doors.

Informazioni sulla versione

Versione 3.0.1, 14/09/2023
id:door - Fixed shared parameters issue

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  • The only window tool you will ever need!
    Constantin Eugen Cozma | marzo 27, 2023 Download verificato (Guida rapida)

    I am a visual person and I`m new to Revit, coming from another software where window creation is similar to this.

    This is the perfect window family creation, at least for me. It should be included in Revit package.

    I`m testing the trial version but will definitely subscribe on the first project I will work in Revit

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