Door Swing Direction

Door Swing Direction

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Digitally signed and secure Door Swing Direction add-in for Autodesk® Revit®


When using the Flip Control arrows for door instances, Revit will automatically read and display the flip/swing direction value (Left, Right, Double, etc.) both for hand and facing and also when you mirror an object. In the Swing Settings Dialog box, you simply specify your own project default values for each flip/swing direction and then assign it to all door families loaded in the project. 


A Swing Direction parameter is automatically created when you use the Door Swing Direction tool. When you flip an instance with the Flip Control arrows all changes occur instantly, there is no need to manually update after flipping objects. Swing Direction values are consistent inside Revit Groups as well. 


The Swing Direction values can be displayed in door schedules. The values you specify are project specific, you can save your project values to an. XML file and load those values into other projects if desired. It's not possible to change the Swing Direction parameter value inside the instance property panel for a selected object nor directly in schedules, changes have to be done in the Swing Settings Dialog box to maintain consistency in the project. Additionally, when you link a Revit file into another Revit file (host file) the Swing Direction values in the linked file will persist in the host file.

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Versione 1.0.0, 18/07/2023
Original Version.

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