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AgileForm Shadow Colour for Autodesk® Revit® allows you to test the impact of shadows cast by the proposed development and generate quick shadow studies images, fundamental to the municipal approvals process.


With AgileForm Shadow Colour, you can select a different colour for each element's casted shadow, which can be a Revit mass, linked CAD, or any Revit component.


Main Features: 

  • Organize elements by layers. for example, proposed development, approval, city context, AOR, etc. 
  • Get an instant preview of your study in a simple interface.
  • Create an outline for shadows.
  • Assign a different colour for shadows that are cast within a selected site.
  • Generate shadow study images, and export or place them onto a sheet.


Note: This app uses a custom installer (and not the standard App Store installer).

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The 7-days trial can be received through our website at:

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Versione 1.9.3, 14/02/2024
Upcoming features and changes are listed here:

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  • Invaluable!
    Hai Ho | giugno 06, 2023

    This saves so much time!  Gone are the days of spending endless hours and hoping between too many programs just to get a usuable shadow study.  This add-on is constantly getting updated and is getting better and better.  Well worth it.

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