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Wasted time in the workplace has become a hot topic of discussion, and businesses are consistently varying to shape their workforce into a well-oiled maximum efficiency machine.


Many organizations are missing opportunities to automate business processes that can save their employees’ time and boost productivity.


With AutoNumbering you will save time by having the app doing the numbering job for you. 


You have multiple options available to you for selecting the type of element you target for renumbering. You can choose to renumber Doors/Windows/Rooms or manually select the Family and Family Type. 


You can choose between 3 renumbering algorithms:

  • Straight - this algorithm uses one direction (line). For each item in the filtered selection, it determines it's projection on this line. The elements are renumbered from one side of the line or the other. To read more about this check the Algorithm For Strategy Straight page in the help file.
  • Straight with strips -  this algorithm uses the same logic as the strategy straight. The points are projected on the direction for numbering. But instead of using only one line, a set of lines are created, elements are grouped inside these lines are groups are treated separately.
  • By Curve - this algorithm allows you to define multiple paths that will guide the numbering process. The algorithm will determine which elements correspond to which path (closest). Then it will project the elements to their corresponding path. The numbering is made by following the curve from start to end. Read more in the help file.


The composer allows you to :

  • Add a prefix to the number
  • Add a suffix to the number
  • Add a special prefix to the number if the element is mirrored
  • Add a special suffix to the number if the element is mirrored
  • Format the number to have 0 trailings (e.g. 1 to be 001)
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バージョン 2.0.0, 2019/05/14
Added support for renumbering Families. Fixing issues in algorithms. Added support to consider rooms as boundaries that will group family instances and the algorithm will be applied for each group. Redesigning the UI for better user experience. Added more filter types. Improving UI for the graphical representation of the selected components from dotted curves to full curves. Algorithm Strips - added a possibility to reverse strip order when renumbering Algorithm Straight / Strips - added a possibility to reverse order when projected items overlap


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