Remove Duplicates


This tool is designed to remove duplicates for model elements.


Elements such as,

  • Line-based(Cable trays, Ducts, Pipes, Conduits, Beams ...etc)
  • Point-Based such as (Lighting fixtures, Electrical fixtures, Electrical Equipment, Lighting devices, Air Terminal, Sprinklers, Fire Alarm, and Data Devices ...etc)
  • Sketch-Based such as (Floors, Ceilings, Roofs), and for annotation elements.


This add-in will save a tremendous amount of time in the project.


バージョン 1.3.0, 2024/04/23
Add Support to Autodesk® Revit® 2024. Using Entitlement API.


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  • Does not remove duplicates!
    Finn Wienkamp | 5月 25, 2023 確認済みダウンロード (これは何ですか?)

    addon does not fully remove duplicates. Doesn't work with pipes or ducting... useless for us.

    Mahmoud El Rawi (公開元) | 5月 26, 2023

    The app works effectively when the elements are really duplicated and at the same coordinates without any shift, so maybe the pipes and ducts are not exactly at the same coordinates.