HatchKit Trial for Revit 2017

HatchKit Trial for Revit 2017

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HatchKit is a graphical hatch pattern editor for editing existing patterns or creating new patterns either directly or upon receipt of a pattern template sent directly from Autodesk® Revit®. The HatchKit Demonstration Version allows trialling HatchKit while unregistered.

Note: any patterns built with the HatchKit Demonstration Version are modified to contain the word "HatchKit" but licensed versions do not watermark patterns.

The HatchKit Add-In for Revit is bundled with this HatchKit Demonstration Version to provide hatch pattern management to Revit and directly interface to any installed version of HatchKit.

The HatchKit Add-In for Revit manages a project's currently loaded fill patterns:

•   create and edit unbroken line patterns such as cross hatches or ceiling grids
•   move, rescale and rotate fill patterns within Autodesk® Revit® without reloading
•   combine selected fills to form new fill within project
•   directly edit a pattern's name, type and orientation 
•   delete individual patterns (excepting SOLID)
•   purge all unused patterns from the project


Also contains project files with worked fill template examples for Revit.


Installing a licensed version of HatchKit replaces the Demonstration Version


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バージョン 3.1.11 /, 2019/02/28
3.1.11 is a maintenance release. 2.2.0 introduces optional wildcarded fill selection where ? matches any character and * any string.


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