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FamilyReviser is a free Autodesk® Revit® add-in/plugin to help you to manage Revit families in your projects.

How it will help you?

  • Export/save in an organized way the Revit families from a project to a specific folder/subfolder.
  • No more Revit families backup files in your system/project library.
  • Add prefix and/or suffix to a family name or type name.
  • Find and replace the family name or type name.
  • Rename family name or type name in the easiest way.
  • Workset Management - modify worksets by category and by rules.


Note: This app uses a custom installer (and not the standard Autodesk App Store installer).

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バージョン, 2021/02/18
- Support for changing model groups worksets - Find and Replace feature improved (case sensitive option) - Modeless window - Improved User Interface and Experience (UI/UX) - Improved performance

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  • Amazing add-on!
    Matias Daroch | 1月 14, 2021 確認済みダウンロード (これは何ですか?)

    I now only use ProSheet to export my PDF sheets now, and I've never looked back.

    Set it up once, and forget about it.

  • Diroots gets the best recommendations from me.
    Berit Lindegaard Thyrsted | 1月 14, 2021

    We in the company have chosen to install all Diroots' plugins, as there are many good commands that help us a lot in our everyday lives.


    Not only do Diroots have some great plugins. Their Support is also top notch. If you have a problem, just write to them and you will quickly receive an answer and they will do everything they can to help you.

    Diroots gets the best recommendations from me.

  • Many thanks DiRoots!
    Thg Le | 12月 27, 2020 確認済みダウンロード (これは何ですか?)

    Excellent DiRoots App!

    Joao Teixeira (公開元) | 1月 04, 2021

    @Thg Le, thank you for the 5 stars review 🙂

  • Excellent method to manage worksets!
    Danil Poletavkin | 10月 29, 2020 確認済みダウンロード (これは何ですか?)

    I am very glad to use this app, thank you!

    Joao Teixeira (公開元) | 10月 30, 2020

    @Danil, thank you for the 5 stars review 🙂

  • Perfect!
    Amir Aroesti | 10月 07, 2020

    A very useful tool!

    Joao Teixeira (公開元) | 10月 08, 2020

    @Amir, thank you for the 5 stars review 🙂

  • A must have
    Paul Stevens | 9月 07, 2020 確認済みダウンロード (これは何ですか?)

    Very very handy for renaming your families to BS8541 standards

    Jose Oliveira | 9月 08, 2020

    Thank you Paul for your feedback! I told you that you will find it a super handy application! The workset management functionality is also an excellent time-saver and very useful.

  • Diroots
    Noel Gustav | 8月 15, 2020 確認済みダウンロード (これは何ですか?)

    Apart from being a useful app, thank you very much for making all DiRoots apps FREE!

    they look so professional  when installing these apps!

    am using all of them often. Thanks!

    Joao Teixeira (公開元) | 8月 17, 2020

    Hi @Noel, thank you for this amazing review! Stay tuned cause more add-ins will soon be released 😉

  • Great for standardizing family names
    Kimberly Hamers | 8月 12, 2020

    I mainly use the Editor function. It allows me to check the family names and change them to conform to our protocol.

    Joao Teixeira (公開元) | 8月 12, 2020

    Hi @Kimberly! Thank you for the 5 stars review 🙂

  • Makes extracting Families for Templates
    Jeremy Colombe | 6月 12, 2020 確認済みダウンロード (これは何ですか?)

    EASY! Great Addin! 

    Joao Teixeira (公開元) | 7月 13, 2020

    @Jeremy, thank you for the 5 stars 🙂

  • Fantastic plugin to manage Revit workets
    John Lagos | 2月 29, 2020 確認済みダウンロード (これは何ですか?)

    Just love it and once again, it saves a lot of time. Keep going DiRoots, you're the most exciting company for Revit add-ins.

    Joao Teixeira (公開元) | 3月 27, 2020

    Hi John, thank you for this amazing review! Stay tuned cause more add-ins will soon be released 😉