Auto-Dimension MEP

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Auto-Dimension MEP is an add-in that helps you insert dimensions and tags into the current view. You can use it for pipes, ducts, cable trays, or conduits.


For round pipes, conduit and round ducts, you can filter by diameter and length. The app will get pipe diameter and length from your project. It helps you to quickly select the pipes that you need.


For rectangle/oval ducts and cable trays, you can filter by height and width.


Additionally, the app can help you insert dimensions and tags into a linked file, but only in Plan View.


Quick Dim command can help you insert dimension into any picked pipe/duct/cable tray/conduit and family instances.


バージョン 3.0.0, 2024/01/09
Add "Clean Ref Lines" command - Auto clean unneeded reference lines


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  • Great Add-In
    Tim Perkins | 12月 13, 2023 確認済みダウンロード (これは何ですか?)

    I found this add-in a week ago and decided to try it.  I am using it to create isometric drawings for fabrication of individual piping and conduit runs in Revit.  This app works as explained and the creator has already made an improvement to help keep my drawings/models clean.

    So far I highly recommend this add-in.

  • Thanks for your efforts
    Antoine Dammous | 10月 05, 2023 確認済みダウンロード (これは何ですか?)

    I just learned about your add-in, very cool and spotless, keep the good work coming

  • Cool Tool
    Ivan Vlad | 9月 10, 2023

    Are we to expect one for drawings as well. I mean if Archicad could have such, why not Revit as well? Great Tool.

  • feedback
    Shahabuddin Islam Ziaye | 7月 11, 2023 確認済みダウンロード (これは何ですか?)

    i have been using Autodesk since 2013 and having like this plugins is best practice.