Express Family Layout

Express Family Layout



Automatically place user-managed loadable families in Autodesk® Revit® projects by category or family type. In addition, you can arrange families that need host elements, such as doors and windows that require walls. You can add different parameters for each project.


1. Description of the Family Layout dialog box

- Family File List: List of loadable family files to be placed

- Layout start position: User-specified start position

- Column: When placing a family you can place it in the x-direction number

- Folder ...: Select a folder and add all the families of the folder to the list

- File (s)...: Select a family file and add it to the list.

- Select All: Change all items on the list to check.

- Deselect All: Change all items in the list to unchecked.

- Invert selection: Selected by reversing the selection of items in the family list

- Add UserParameter: Added user parameters

- Family Parameter Edit ...: Add or delete parameters using a text editor

- Execute: Executes batch execution (When execution is completed, the dialog box is automatically closed)

- Close: Close the dialog box.


2. Supported loadable family types

- furniture

- opening

- Electrical

- Structural Column

- Structural foundation

- structural reinforcement

- Structural connection

- structural retaining wall

- Structure truss

- Structure frame

- Mechanical

- Lighting

- Handrail

- duct

- Door

- pipe

- Plumbing

- Detail items

- Planting

- General model

- light

- Window

- cable tray

- Casework

- Special facilities

- pipe

- Fire Protection

- Environment


バージョン 1.0.5, 2022/12/27
- Changed field delimiter in user parameter file to comma - Fixed parameter default input error


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  • I tend to use it every week for some sortings.
    Heinrich Boldt | 2月 20, 2023 確認済みダウンロード (これは何ですか?)

    building a library requieres often to get an overview. 

    this Tools is really helpful.
    some ideas:

    1. use annotations
    2. possibility to add the foldername as descriptoin
    3. sort by category and start again
    4. sollect all errors in one file to submit for later corrections. because during process we need to either remove constrains or delete types 

  • Amazing addin!!!
    Yuki Scharf | 1月 18, 2023 確認済みダウンロード (これは何ですか?)

    This is great tool for family creaters!!
    A few feedbacks.
    #1 I would prefer model line instead of detail lines for the boundary.But I can just switch to it.
    #2 All MEP cateories to be available would be nice...
    Thank you for the tool!



  • Awesome free tool for a BIM Manager
    Nauman Mysorewala | 12月 13, 2022 確認済みダウンロード (これは何ですか?)

    Extremely useful FREE tool. Lays out the families. I am docking a star for the User Parameters which are not customizable and errors out. In the video it shows that they are customizable, however, it cannot handle Parameter names with spaces or Default value being empty. The formatting of the file is weird too. multiple tabs that do not align with the format field header locations.

    Sunghan Lee (公開元) | 12月 14, 2022

    Thanks for reporting the problem. I've fixed the problem and am testing it. (version 1.0.5) - Changed the field separator in the family parameter file from 'Tab' to 'comma'. - Fixed a bug that occurred when parameter names contained whitespace. If testing doesn't find any issues, we'll proceed with redeployment to the Autodesk App Store.

    Nauman Mysorewala | 1月 10, 2023

    Thanks, Sunghan for your quick reply and fix. I will download the update and give feedback!

  • V. Good
    Ahmdhsn Ahmdhsn | 12月 26, 2019 確認済みダウンロード (これは何ですか?)

    Very simple and very useful, thankx.

  • excellent addin but...
    David Grassin | 5月 03, 2019

    Thank you for this addin.

    I wait for 2020.

    it is missing a function : 

    The ability to add all or part of families included in the project

    And a function that I would like is to be able to transfer the view to a legend! 

    thanks for your dev.