Auto-Section Box


This tool is designed to manage section box such as: 


  1. Create section box based on levels: This feature would allow you to create a section box that corresponds with different levels in your 3D model.

  2. Crop selection for 2D plan areas to have a section box in 3D view to that area: With this feature, you could select a specific area of your 2D plan and the tool would create a 3D section box that corresponds to that area. This can be useful for visualizing specific parts of a project in 3D.

  3. Change section box orientation based on a selected face: This feature would allow you to change the orientation of your section box based on a specific face of your model. This can be helpful for changing the perspective of your view without having to manually adjust the section box.

  4. Change orientation of the view to a selected face: Similar to the previous feature, this one would allow you to change the orientation of your entire view to match a selected face. This could be useful for quickly adjusting your perspective to focus on different parts of your model.


バージョン 1.2.0, 2024/05/17
Add Support to Revit 2024 Using Entitlement API


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