This application contains 21  useful tools for MEP systems in Autodesk® Revit®. 


Super Hangers

This tool is designed to place hangers along the (Ducts, Pipes, Conduits and Cable Trays) automatically.


Create Cables

This tool is designed to create cables lying over the tray or creating cables between Electrical Manholes.

The tool will place cables on the (Horizontal  - Vertical- Slanted) Cable trays


Automatic Clash Solver for MEP and MEP Up and Down

This tool is designed to automatically solve the clashes between the MEP elements.

Usually, users spend a lot of time-solving clashes between Pipes, Conduits, Cable Trays and Ducts. 

This tool will automatically solve these clashes depending on an accurate setting to define the offset, angle, and distance of the newly created elements which will solve the clash. 

In the predefined settings, you can set which links and categories you need to clash with.


Delete (Mechanical /Piping) Systems

This tool is designed to delete the mechanical and piping systems in Revit, in case (you need to create new systems or due to bad modeling).  


Automatically offset elements on Ceiling

This tool is designed to place floating elements on the ceiling automatically.
The tool automatically detects the needed offset for the element to accurately place on the ceiling. 


Duct weight calculator using SMACNA catalog

This tool is designed to calculate the weight of the duct for all the ducts in the projects according to the international standard.
This helps the designers to calculate the Duct weight. This enables users to produce more accurate designs. 


Magic Dampers

This tool will place dampers automatically on needed duct branches or ducts intersecting with linked walls. 


Space naming update

This tool is designed to update the space name and number to match the room name and number inside Revit. 


Copy Electrical Circuits 

This tool is designed to copy the electrical circuits from the floor to another floor or on the same floor. or from file to another file.

The app will save a lot of time for electrical engineers in case they need to copy the electrical circuits.


Automatic Conduit

The tool is designed to create power circuits and connect fixtures with conduits instead of Revit default 2D wire. 

Automatically offset elements on the Ceiling.

This tool is designed to place floating elements on the ceiling automatically. 


Batch change circuit breaker size

The tool is designed to automatically change the circuit breaker size according to the load name or load classification.  


Automatic Circuit Breaker

The tool is designed to automatically fill in the circuit breaker rating for each circuit according to the circuit load. 


Extract_Panel_Schedule to .csv

This app is useful when you need to transfer the panel board schedules to Excel.

This tool helps you to extract the panel board views to .csv format and Excel format, which can be then saved in .xls format. 


Convert Wire Size

The tool is designed to convert a wire size from American Wire Gauge to square millimeters.

Revit generates the wire size with AWG and this tool converts the AWG wire size to mm and places the value in the shared parameter under the circuit.


Batch Create Panel Schedule View 

The aim of this app is to accelerate the panel board views the creation process in Revit.

The tool will help you to create a panel board’s views automatically.

You can select specific panels to generate their views.

Also, you can generate panel board views for all the panels in the project. 


Tag the second connector

This tool is designed to tag the second connector in the electrical fixtures or lighting fixtures which contain 2 electrical connectors. 

As known, you can create one circuit tag for the electrical fixtures or the lighting fixtures families, but you can't tag the second connector if it exists. 


Batch Fill Circuit Parameters

This tool is designed to fill in the circuit’s parameters (like wire size shared parameters or any other parameter) with reference to the circuit breaker size.


Create electrical wire from lines

This tool is designed to convert Revit lines into an electrical wire. The tool will work for Revit model lines or lines imported from CAD.


Distribute & Import MEP Elements from CAD

This tool is designed to import the ceiling elements automatically (Lighting fixture, Air Terminal, Sprinklers, Fire Alarm, and Data Devices) from a CAD drawing. 


Create (Pipes, Ducts, Conduits and Trays) from CAD

This tool is designed to convert the lines into (Pipes, Ducts, Conduits and Cable Trays) from CAD exploded lines or from Revit lines. 


Split (pipes/ducts) Automatically

This tool will automatically split pipes or ducts according to predefined distances.

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1. Added one more tool " Split (pipes/ducts) Automatically"

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