SOFYA Sales plan add-in TRIAL

SOFYA Sales plan add-in TRIAL




This trial allows you to create 30 sales plans in a couple of minutes.

Usually, you create your sheet one by one by choosing a Titleblock and then dragging your views, your schedule, your legend, etc... It can take days to create your plans.

With this add-in, you automate all those tedious tasks, You don't need to create all the views of your apartments, you only need a filter parameter for all rooms on each apartment. 

The add-in takes just one plan as a model (which contains an apartment view, a level view, and a schedule for example) and reproduces the same scheme for all the apartments you want in your model.

Key features:


  • Produces 30 sales plans according to a model you created
  • Create the views off all the apartments you choose and the corresponding level views
  • Works with linked project
  • Reproduce the Titleblock you use
  • Reproduce the templates of the model views
  • If you put a schedule filter on the parameter, the add-in will produce all the schedules for all the apartments and add them to all your plans
  • You can add a legend view as well
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バージョン 0.0.1, 2020/07/16
Trial version


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