OBJ Converter for Autodesk® Revit®


About the OBJ format:

The OBJ file format is a simple data-format that represents 3D geometry which contains polygons defined as a list of vertices, and indices. Vertices are stored in a counter-clockwise order by default, making explicit declaration of face normal unnecessary. OBJ coordinates have no units, but OBJ files can contain scale information.


About this application

Create an obj file of your design in a moment and share it with anyone in one go. It will translate designs to a universally accepted format .obj

Autodesk® Revit® 3D models can be distributed to a third party without the need to have Revit in their system.

Output file can be used for AR/VR and apps like Unity.


For more details, Please visit our website : https://visionworkplace.com/products/obj-converter-for-autodesk-revit 


Application Offers:

1. Generate universal file format (.OBJ)

2. Fast obj conversion process 

3. Share design without needing any special software to view it

4. Small file size

5. Control quality and size while converting to OBJ file

6. Choice of writing Normal in OBJ

7. Colors material and Texture support

8. Control to choose scale unit (MM, CM, Feet, Meter etc.) of OBJ file

9. APIs to call from other program/application



The application is available in both versions, trial as well as pro.

The trial version is valid for 15 days with complete functionality. The trial version is for testing the functionality of the plugin. After the trail has expired you will need to activate the product or purchase the PRO version from the store.


EULA: http://visionworkplace.com/eula


Activation of Pro version

1. License key will be provided after purchase of PRO version 

2. Add this license key in Help dialog and activate the plugin.

For more details please visit: http://visionworkplace.com/license-activation



More FAQ: http://visionworkplace.com/FAQ  


Support and Query

We would like to help you in case of any concern 

Website: http://visionworkplace.com/

contact: contact@visionworkplace.com


The trial version is valid for 15 days with complete functionality.


バージョン, 2023/11/02
1. Plugin is upgraded to Revit version 2024. 1. Plugin is upgraded to Revit version 2023. 1. Plugin is upgraded to Revit version 2022.


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  • License good for 1 discrete computer
    Thomas Robertson | 9月 04, 2020

    My company upgraded my PC.  Lost the program.  Software supplier said I should re-purchase.  Would not authorise.

  • Recommend this plugin for Revit user
    frankie wilson | 8月 26, 2020 確認済みダウンロード (これは何ですか?)

    I had to use Revit designs in Unity 3D and this plugin did the job really well.