Topo Toolkit V1


The plugin has two tools in it.

  1. Stepping walls
  2. Push To Topo


Stepping Walls 

Stepping Walls is a plug-in that can be used to step selected walls along a topo surface. This tool can be used to create compound walls along the toposurface quickly and easily. 


Push To Topo

This tool is to push the selected Generic Models or Site Components onto the selected toposurface. This might be used to place manholes, seating benches, lamp posts, or other site features on a toposurface if they are of the Generic Model or Site category.


バージョン, 2022/10/18
The stepping walls were not placed correctly if the project base point had an elevation other than zero. This issue is now fixed. Push to topo now works with Generic models, Site Components and Pipe Accessories


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