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 Workload Monitor is used to finding out effective work time and idle time of the resources[user].


  • When an Autodesk® Revit® project is opened, our application detects the file name, user name and start time.
  • Whenever Revit is idle, our application will trigger the timer to count the idle time.
  • Final Effective time is.. Effective time = (End time - Start time)-Idle Time.

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Wersja 4.0.0, 09.01.2020
Compatible for Autodesk® Revit® 2020.

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  • Revit 2021?
    Jacob Fabian | grudnia 02, 2021 Sprawdzone pobranie (Co to jest?)

    when will updated product be available? 

    Blueray Media | marca 19, 2018

    ...will this be released?

  • What about RSN
    Louis Magno | czerwca 12, 2017 Sprawdzone pobranie (Co to jest?)

    Does WLM works in a Revit Project that utilizes RSN?

  • Tested on 2016 C4R Model
    Shawn Brennan | kwietnia 26, 2017 Sprawdzone pobranie (Co to jest?)

    The add-in didn't work. If an update comes out fixing this, I will re-asses.

  • great Tool, need more otions to be the best Tool ever
    Heinrich Boldt | sierpnia 04, 2016 Sprawdzone pobranie (Co to jest?)

    Thank you! i have any questions: - how can i set the tool start same time with revit? ( i have results with no idle-time, when the tool is not start first (why?)) - can i choose the Exportsetting? ( not "," i use ";" to different, the elements) -how i can reset it? or choose a start-Date for Export ( only one month f.ex.)

  • 2016
    Geoff Thew | września 29, 2015

    how about a 2016 release and can this be installed and managed without the users knowing

    Craig Walker | sierpnia 05, 2016

    Ha ha! My thought's exactly Geoff!!!

  • What is idle time?
    Darren Burrows | lipca 07, 2015 Sprawdzone pobranie (Co to jest?)

    Works well - although what is considered idle time? i.e. what criteria must be satisfied to be idle?

  • Working fine
    Jan Back | kwietnia 22, 2015 Sprawdzone pobranie (Co to jest?)

    I use WLM to record my work time in different project. Now I'm waiting for the 2015 version

  • 2015 Version Please
    Ye Zaw Lin | stycznia 23, 2015 Sprawdzone pobranie (Co to jest?)

    Great idea. Waiting for 2015 version updates soon.

  • Great idea
    Brady Pennington | lutego 25, 2014 Sprawdzone pobranie (Co to jest?)

    great idea. I am testing now. Will update rating when I am done evaluating.

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