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Offsite Wood offers high quality, lean, and efficient wood structure families, with just enough information to incorporate accurately dimensioned options into your projects at early levels of design.  The educationally formatted streams give you common default options from across the industry, then allow you to go to specialty cases or filter criteria before download. 


Architectural criteria is emphasized, with sustainability metrics, fire resistance, and dimensional coordination as the primary selectors, but embedded data is designed to be helpful for downstream workflows in engineering, life cycle assessment. 


A carbon benefit calculation service is being developed in parallel based on public sector Canadian expertise, and will be continuously updated.  Content is precise for manufacturing and procurement, but easy to use for design, and includes guidance tools and design assist options to optimize for offsite prefabrication. 


New feature and preconstruction service requests can be submitted anonymously and supported by a vendor-neutral nonprofit member network with a mission to increase international market capacity in specifying sustainable wood structure options.

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Wersja 1.0.32, 16.06.2022
App now supports Revit 2023

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  • Mass Timber and Off-site BIM at its best
    Tim Applebee | lutego 20, 2021

    I've honestly waited years for an information-rich Mass Timber and Offsite Wood plug in for Revit.  This plug-in is full of MT/O-S model content (the wood, not the connections) but it is also, thankfully, a work in progress. Placeholder filter/selection criteria for assemblies based on in-progress acoustical testing, for example, as something to look forward to.  The app also has a content request and 'refresh' button.  I would have settled for mfr-specific system families.  This plug-in is so much more, and seems prepared to grow with the AEC MT and off-site fabrication industry.  Awesome! Thank you!

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