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Use "Crowd" to create a forest in a few seconds. Add hundreds of components randomly like people, vehicles and others on a straight or irregular topography.


This tool can also help to design random patterns on walls or floors, random lighting, etc.

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Wersja 2.0.3, 13.08.2018
2.0.3 Compatible with Revit 2019 2.0.2 Compatible with Revit 2017 and 2018 2.0.1 Reducing regularity with TurboCrowd 2.0.0 Elements can follow topography 1.0.1 Preview window for top, front and right views 1.0.0 Initial release

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    Facu Viera | kwietnia 05, 2019 Sprawdzone pobranie (Co to jest?)

    Hi, the app is great, could be possible to add a modification? instead a box, could be possible to make with a diferent figure like rectangle or poligon in a random shape?

    anyways the app is realy helpfull.



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