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MEP Opening is your new powerhouse tool for Autodesk® Revit®! Automatically model openings in slabs and beams for the passage of pipes, cables and ducts. 


This plugin offers a variety of customization options for creating openings:

  • Choose between the current or linked model for both the structural model (RVT or IFC) and MEP discipline (RVT).
  • Specify the MEP discipline name for unique identification parameters in the created openings.
  • Define the default gap between piping and structure.
    • Support for circular and rectangular openings.
  • Select desired nominal diameters for creating openings.
  • Establish the minimum allowed distance to reference beams and slabs.
  • Choose between different execution scopes.
    • Support for floor plans and 3D views. 


In addition to opening modeling, MEP Opening features:

  • Automatic verification of project guidelines.
    • Easily visualize openings that do not meet defined minimum distances.
  • Automatic identification of inverted beams.
  • Use of custom, standardized, and parameterized families.
    • Standardized symbology for differentiation of circular openings with different diameters;
    • Control handles for alignment with reference structural elements.
  • Identification of pre-existing openings, preventing the insertion of duplicate instances. 


Revitalize your MEP workflow with MEP Opening! Create and coordinate opening projects with greater precision and efficiency. 


Upcoming Features:

  • Grouping of closely spaced openings.
  • Support for linked MEP models in IFC format.
  • Validation of already inserted openings.
  • Support for more categories of structural elements. 


Current Execution Limitations:

  • Currently, the plugin supports MEP model links only in RVT format.
  • Currently, only structural elements from the following categories are considered:
    • Beams (structural framing).
    • Slabs.
  • Currently, only MEP elements from the following categories are considered:
    • Conduits.
    • Cable trays.
    • Ducts.
    • Pipes.


Looking for custom tools for Revit, Autodesk® AutoCAD®, Autodesk® Civil 3D®, Robot, etc.? Contact us to create solutions that go beyond limits and redefine your project's efficiency!

Informacje na temat tej wersji

Wersja 1.1.1, 06.06.2024
Included an updated version of the openeing families, and now they show their revision number; Fix for handling short MEP elements and intersections; Error logs upload option; General bugfixes.

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  • Excelente plugin para construtoras e projetistas
    Vitor Franzoi Fonseca | czerwca 12, 2024

    Plug-in excelente, funciona de forma rápida, sem bugs e atende nossos padrões de furações.

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