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For building professionals who want to create a safe and sound structure for their clients, ICC Digital Codes Premium for Autodesk® Revit® enables you and your team to validate construction plans with published building codes during the design process itself.


Use this product to:

  • Search, review, and validate your project against 600 of the latest building codes during the design process itself.
  • Annotate your drawings by copying/pasting building code text directly into your designs.
  • Organize by adding notes, markups, bookmarks, and favorites for a more comprehensive view of your project’s standards.
  • Share your customized content with others on your team, and collaborate with a single source of truth.


Note:  This app uses a custom installer (and not the standard App Store installer).

Opis wersji testowej

Free 14-day Premium Complete Trial (afterwards you can get free acccess to most of the content; collaboration features under Premium will be disabled.)

Full access to 1000+ of the latest premium code titles and standards

New and exclusive premium code titles and standards added every month

Full access to significant code changes

Full access to critical updates and new errata postings

Exclusive expert code interpretations

Intractive tools and features to classify notes, files or videos into relevant code sections

File sharing/collaboration tools and license control features for team environments

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Wersja, 20.09.2023
Now supporting Revit 2024

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