Advanced Revision Cloud

Advanced Revision Cloud

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This add-in will help you manage your Revision Clouds with Advanced Tools.

  1. FILTER: Show Clouds only from a specific Revision, View, Sheet, or by the text in the Comments. Now you can filter with MULTIPLE SELECTION!!!.
  2. SHOW REVISION CLOUD: Now you can find all your Revision Clouds inside any View. Just pick a Cloud from the list and push the SHOW REVISION CLOUD button.
  3. DELETE REVISION CLOUD: From the add-in FORM you can easily delete Clouds
  4. EXPORT TO EXCEL: Export a complete Schedule with all the information of the Revision Clouds, including GRID LOCATION, VIEW LOCATION, COORDINATES, EXTENDED DATA, and an IMAGE of the REVISION CLOUD exported from Autodesk® Revit®.
  5. EXPORT IMAGES WITH THE EXCEL FILE: You can include IMAGES of each Revision Cloud in the EXCEL report. These Images will be included as independent Files and also will be inserted into the Excel File.
  6. AUTOMATIC PIVOT TABLE AND PIVOT CHART IN THE EXCEL FILE: A resume of the table export will be displayed as a Pivot Table and Pivot Chart in the GRAPHIC sheet.
  7. EXTENSIVE DATA: The add-in adds 3 additional Fields of data to each Revision Cloud: RESPONSE, RESPONSIBLE and STATUS. This additional information will help you to manage your COORDINATION SESSIONS and keep track of CHANGES, STATUS, and assign a RESPONSIBLE for each query.
  8. DYNAMIC GRAPHICS: Visualize the current state of your project in the new GRAPHICS TAB within Revit.

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Wersja 5.0.0, 14.09.2021
Updated for Revit 2022

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  • Almost there
    Christopher Martin | stycznia 08, 2019

    Hi, I am testing your plugin out for our firm. Typically we cloud in the view. Because of this practice, we are not seeing sheet names and numbers associated with clouds in the report we are only seeing the view name. For us to invest firm wid in this plugin we would need the ability to cloud in the view and see the sheet name and number where the cloud is shown. I know you can see what sheets a view is displayed on is it possible to associate this information with a cloud in view. 

    Rolando Karlos Hijar Portella (Wydawca) | stycznia 10, 2019

    Thank you Christopher. I understand It would be good to display the information you are requesting. I will check the code to try to add this feature.

    Rolando Karlos Hijar Portella (Wydawca) | stycznia 10, 2019

    Thank you Martin. I just ckecked the code and It is possible to add what you request. Next update of Advanced Revision Cloud will have this new feature.

    Christopher Martin | stycznia 11, 2019

    Thank you for the effort we have been testing your product for a week now and we do like what we see.

  • Muy bueno
    Leonard Mallma Gomez | października 03, 2018

    Muy practicvo para los RFIs

  • muy buena aplicacion
    Urbina Flores Cesar Augusto Junior | października 03, 2018

    me facilito mucho la organizacion de datos para exportar en excel y con imagenes.

  • Perfect!!
    Vielka Lucero Hoyos Lujan | października 03, 2018

    It's the best way to organize your revision clouds, 

    Poder editar  el comentario y uniformizarlo, previo a exportarlo , segun se crea onveniente, es lo màs util.

    To be able to change the comments and standarized it before  exporting it is the most useful. 

  • execelente
    Hirotomi Otsuka Futagaki | października 03, 2018

    muy buena recomendado 100%

  • Muy útil
    Antonio Tumialan | października 03, 2018

    De lo mejor que eh podido encontrar para la correccion de cualquier proyecto, a mi empresa le ayuda mucho, gracias.

    Angel Ortega | października 03, 2018

    esta app me permite encontrar y tener a la mano cada una de las revisiones y asi poder corregirlas rapidamente 

    luis tapia igancio | października 03, 2018

    Con el aporte de esta aplicacion, resulta de gran ayuda.

  • Muy útil
    Jesus Eduardo Leiva Ramos | października 03, 2018

    Muy necesario para la gestion de datos.

    Marcos Huamaní | października 03, 2018

    This will significantly reduce the amount of time needed for manage the revision clouds. After a trial on a small schedule, it seems to work as advertised. Thank you for sharing with us.

  • Una aplicación ideal para reportes
    Junior Refulio | października 03, 2018

    Esta aplicacion me permite generar reportes de vista de manera automatica y eficiente, recomiendo esta aplicacion a todos los conocedores del mismo 

  • Almost perfect
    Neil Harper | września 10, 2018

    I have just tried the free trial and while I think it is good, I would need it to report the sheet number as well as the sheet name for it to be worth while.

    Rolando Karlos Hijar Portella (Wydawca) | września 10, 2018

    Thank you Neil. We will add the Sheet Number to the report in the new update.

  • Excelente
    Lloiner Fernández | kwietnia 23, 2018

    La encuetro genial, muy útil sin duda!

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