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How can I calculate parameter values based on formulas in Autodesk® Revit®? Well, with on-board tools, this only works in tables. Here, formulas can be stored, but the calculated values are not available at the element in the model.


Of course, there are other approaches like Dynamo, which are complex for the normal user.


So, how do they ensure that values in the model that are based on calculations follow the changes in the model and that the data in the model is always consistent?


The idea of our add-in Rvt.Calc is the automatic calculation of numerical parameters in Revit. The calculations are based on setting parameter calculation configurations to calculate Autodesk Revit parameters using other parameters or mathematical equations.


The configuration is created once per project and can be imported/exported to other projects. The calculation process is performed in the background while elements are being edited or created. Thus, consistent meta information can be ensured at any time, even in central models.

If a designer changes an element in Revit, the formulas stored for this are automatically executed and the relevant parameter values of the element are updated.

All labels etc. based on these parameters are immediately updated, so all information in the model is consistent!

Note: This app uses a user-defined installation program and not the standard Autodesk installation program.

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