Watermark Manager for Autodesk® Revit® 2018 R2

Watermark Manager for Autodesk® Revit® 2018 R2


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**Compatible with Autodesk® Revit® 2017 and Revit 2018 versions**

This is the Full version -12 month Desktop Subscription.


Languages available on installation: English, French, Czech, German, Italian, Polish, Romanian and Russian.

*IMPORTANT: The Watermark Manager app is part of the larger PowerPack for Revit®. On installation, please select Watermark Manager from the list of packages to install.*


 Other multi-year, network and bulk subscription options available from GRAITEC direct: www.graitec.com/en/world

*IMPORTANT: This app is also included in the full version of the PowerPack for Revit® and available FREE if you have your Revit® Subscription contract with GRAITEC - please contact GRAITEC for more details*


Watermark Manager PowerPack for Revit is a simple but powerful tool that allows users to securely tag and password protect self-created Revit Families with personal information.

Multiple Families can be loaded from any destination folder and, after validating no previous watermarks exist, can have a watermark applied by adding the Author, Company and URL, before being prompted to add a password.

This Author information is visible in the Family properties as text and can be used in a tag or schedule. The information can be modified by editing Family Types inside the Family editor but the original input can still be detected by “Watermark Manager”, requiring a password to change.

Once watermarked your personal Revit Families can be distributed freely, safe in the knowledge that their owner can be easily identified.


Key features:

  • Add a Watermark to multiple families simultaneously
  • Detect Families that have been watermarked
  • Watermarked Families show author information in the family properties as a parameter
  • Owner information is a parameter of the Revit Family and can be used in documentation


Visit our app web page for more information.


Note: This app uses a custom installer (and not the standard App Store installer).

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  • Don't Bother
    Ryan Lenihan | października 31, 2018

    This app literally just adds text to the built in comment, manufacturer and url parameters as a formula "=author name". You can see in the screenshot that the formula column is hidden from. The URL parameter can also not be defined by a formula which is why you can see in the screenshot used that it is just set as a value. All anyone needs to do to remove these is edit the family and remove the text. There is zero need for the password.

    Additionally, this is USD$120/yr, but you can get it included in the full "powerpack" addin for USD$140/yr. 

    So going by this, Graitec should be offering the rest of the powerpack, without this useless watermarking tool for a cool US$20!

    You're better off using non-user-editable shared parameters with a much more useful tool like RTV shared parameter manager so the "watermark" is at least non-editable, but still nothing stops the end user from deleting the parameter from the family.

    Dave Talbot (Wydawca) | listopada 06, 2018

    Good morning and thank you for your feedback. Yes it is true that the text can be edited or deleted. In case this happens, the watermark won’t be visible/or appear modified in the family, but the PowerPack is able to see the original input. The user still needs a password to modify it through “Watermark Manager”. The intent for this tool is to add Author/Company/Url information to the family and verify or modify it through the same feature.

  • error
    Duy Nguyen | czerwca 30, 2018

    I can do change text in formula. Please fix

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