CTC BIM Project Suite 2021 (Purchase)

CTC BIM Project Suite 2021 (Purchase)

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To download the trial version of BIM Project Suite through Autodesk App Store, click here


This setup will install add-in tools for Autodesk® Revit® 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021. BIM Project Suite contains the following tools:


BIM List  

This tool is a content management solution providing the ability to browse, sort, search and leverage your families more effectively, helping to enforce company standards.


Detail Link 

This tool automates the process of linking AutoCAD® DWG details for use in the Revit project environment.


Length Calculator

This tool is designed to assist during the design phase of duct, pipe, conduit or cable tray layouts by quickly calculating the length of a run.


Project Link 

This tool provides a system for finding and organizing documents and web site addresses from within Revit.


Quick Select 

This tool quickly changes which elements are selected by using filters for categories, parameter values, and views.



This tool provides a fast and simple way to renumber your rooms and doors, including adding separators and suffixes to room and door numbers.


Revit Properties 

This tool shows Revit file properties (including Revit version) by right-clicking on the file in Windows Explorer.


Fab Sheets 

This tool assigns elements to an increment/sequence via parameter values, generates views and places them on sheets.


Fire Rating 

This tool automates the assignment of fire ratings and the generation of fire rating graphics for life safety plans.


Invisibility Advisor 

This tool helps you determine why an element may not be visible in a view.


Model Compare 

This tool allows taking data "snapshots" of a project and compares the differences as the project changes.


Occupant Flow Analyzer 

This tool can be used to help determine possible paths between points, their distances, routes affected by impassible objects and perform occupancy related calculations.


Parameter Jammer 

This tool modifies families in a project so they work with the project's schedules.


Revision Manager 

This tool lists revision information, including view and sheet associations, and allows the results to be saved to a spreadsheet file.  Revision changes can be made as well.


Room Data Sheets 

This tool assists with the creation of datasheets for both rooms and spaces.


Room Family Manager 

This tool enables defining, maintaining and validating the family content of each room using room type definitions.


Schedule XL

This tool will create one or more schedule or drafting views from one or more spreadsheet worksheets, allowing automatic updates when opening the project.


Spreadsheet Link 

This powerful tool exports data from Revit to a spreadsheet where the data can be easily edited and then loaded back into Revit. Powerful embedded spreadsheet functions can be used without requiring external spreadsheet software.


Spreadsheet Link Express

This tool runs Spreadsheet Link automatically, using previously-saved settings. 


View Creator  

This tool enables Revit users to quickly and consistently create views in their projects 


Note: This app uses a custom installer (and not the standard Autodesk App Store installer).

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Wersja 21.0.3, 19.10.2020
Spreadsheet Link -- New Feature: Added additional sorting fields for more control of the output Bug Fix: Fixed an issue where engineering units were applied to type names that looked like this: 2E3 would produce 2.00E+0003 View Creator -- Bug Fix: Fixed an Error When Launching View Creator on some projects Schedule XL -- Bug Fix: Fixed an issue where cell borders were missing after import in Revit 2021. Occupant Flow Analyzer -- Bug Fix: Fixed an Issue where unplaced rooms and areas and spaces were causing an error upon launch Invisibility Advisor -- Bug Fix: Fixed an Issue where the program failed to launch for certain types of projects

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  • Simple and effective
    Ian Bevington | maja 17, 2016

    The overall suite has a lot of versatility, we only use a few of the items but we use them quite regularly. The tab is customizable to reduce the clutter of things you don't use or don't want users getting into. I've been very happy with the tools and the responsiveness to complaints and issues that arise with tools.

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