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Have you ever searched for a tool to speed up the distribution of placing a light inside the room?


This add-in will insert the light and distribute it in standard distribution “X-2X-X” "Y-2Y-Y".


First -  Select hosted light fixture in the false ceiling or Reference Plane.


Second - Pick two-point to specify a rectangular Room on the screen.


Third - Enter the number of the Light Row then enter the number of the Light Column.


Standard light distribution "X-2X-X" "Y-2Y-Y"  will be placed on the same false ceiling or Reference Plane of the selected hosted light fixture.

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Wersja 1.1.0, 16.03.2022
Placing the new Family now contains the Schedule level information

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  • kindly provide the compability of this addin in revit 2023 version
    KAMALESH C | listopada 27, 2022

    Dear developer kindly compatile this version with revit 2023 ,it supports upto 2022 version only 

    Robin Anderson | kwietnia 15, 2021

    But please can you create for Revit 2021 and Revit 2022 ?

    this program has become a daily used tool for me.

  • Amazing
    Nina Hansen | marca 19, 2020

    I have been looking for at app that could help me with this and im so happy about it. 

    You just have to get used to what end to click first and what number to input first.

    The only sad thing i have to say is that it dosent work on an angled building.

  • Great app
    Sopheak Chin | lipca 12, 2019

    Greate app. Please advise when this app become availble for 2020 vesion? Thank you.

  • to perfect
    David Grassin | marca 19, 2019

    thanks for the app.


    this could be perfectible. could you change the input text to be clearer ? having 5 windows text with these notes :


    -Choose your light family (need host)

    -clic to the right up angle zone

    -clic to the left down zone

    -input the vertical light number

    -input the horizontal light number


    And if possible, it could be great if all family even without host can be placed !


    Merci pour l'appication

    il faudrait la perfectionner.

    mettre des zones de texte avec les requetes suivantes

    -choisir le luminaire (nécessite un hote)

    -cliquez en haut à droite de la zone

    -cliquez en bas à gauche de la zone

    -indiquez le nombre de rangées verticales

    -indiquez le nombre de colonne horizontales


    de plus s'il était possible d'insérer des famille sans hote ça serait parfait !

  • good app
    Ahmed Ismail | lutego 20, 2019

    good app


  • Good app
    Ahmed Farag | stycznia 07, 2019

    Good app

  • Thanks Eng Ehab
    Hossam El-Din Ahmed Helmy Hafez | maja 30, 2018

    Barak Allaho Feek 

  • nice program
    Ehab Abdallah | maja 29, 2018 Sprawdzone pobranie (Co to jest?)

    very helpfull program

  • trial period version ?
    David Carreras | maja 24, 2018

    Please, it´s possible to ask for a free trial period version? thanks in advice

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